Saturday 1st June

Winckley Square / 16:00 – 20:00 / Free to attend

It’s been 15 years since Jazz in the Park drew the curtains on the hugely successful festival held on Avenham Park. Running for 5 years the festival brought underground Jazz musicians to Preston. Now it is back!

In its new home, the recently renovated and stunning Winkley Square, Jazz in the Park invites music fans to join us for 4 hours of uber-cool. Facilitated by Outbreak Collective, we have two amazing Jazz groups and a DJ set by Outbreak Collective. Picnic hampers and blankets are a must as we’ll be ushering in the night from 4 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening.

Catering to Jazz aficionados and general music fans alike, the DJs will be drawing on all the intersectionality of Jazz music. The event will be the platform to hear Latin, Afrobeat, House, Hip-Hop, etc, all interweaved with our beloved Jazz. Live and recorded music will deliver a wonderful experience for all the family, so please come and join us for the official revival of Jazz in the Park.

Zoë Gilby

Zoë Gilby is a vocalist and songwriter, making a stunning impression on the music scene today. Her compelling original compositions are written with double bassist husband Andy Champion. Her stockpile of music reaches a wide range of more contemporary material from composers such as Pink Floyd to Kate Bush, with influences from Sheila Jordan and Joni Mitchell.

Vels Trio

Three young experimental jazz musicians born out of collective obsession, emotion and improvisation to sculpt contagiously frenetic compositions.

Channelling ingrained deep grooves, progressive soundscapes and contemporary hip hop productions - Vels Trio synthesise their mutual loves to challenge the psyche of not only the seasoned Jazz lover, but hyperactively engaging the ever-growing ‘generation now’ of curious, broadminded and savvy music lovers.